First level

English for Academic Purposes

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

Mathematics I (Engineering)

Mechanics I (Practical)

Mechanical Engineering Drawing I

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering I (Theory)

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering I (Practical)

Elementary Mechanics

Second level

Electrical Engineering I (Theory)

Electrical Engineering I (Practical)

Engineering Work Study I

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering II (Theory)

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering II (Practical)

Production Engineering: Industrial I

Qualitative Techniques I

Strength of Materials II (Theory)

Strength of Materials II (Practical)

Third level

Engineering Work Study II

Facility Layout and Materials Handling

Human Resource Management for Line Managers

Introduction to Management Accounting

Principles of Strategy, Risk & Financial Management Techniques 

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering III

Production Engineering: Industrial II

Quality Assurance II

Fourth level

Automation III

Engineering Work Study III

Financial Management IV

Industrial Engineering Practice I

Industrial Engineering Practice II

Mechanical Engineering Design II

Management Practice IV

Operational Research III