First level


General Chemistry IA

General Chemistry IB

Chemistry I (Practical)

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

Business Management IA

Business Management IB

Basic Statistics

Animal Diversity I

Animal Diversity II

Zoology I (Practical)

Second level


Introduction to Medicinal Plants

Digestion, Endocrine Control and Metabolism

Respiration and Excretion

Physiological Defence Mechanisms

Physiology II (Practical)

Introductory Microbiology

Microbial Ecology

Introductory Microbial Genetics, Immunology and Epidemiology

Microbiology II (Practical)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Third level


Physiology of the Nervous System

Cardiovascular System

Membrane and Effector Physiology

Physiology (Practical)

Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

Microbial Physiology

Advanced Microbial Genetics, Recombinant DNA Technology and Industrial Microbiology

Microbial Diversity

Microbiology III (Practical)

Technology and Innovation