First level


Plant Structure: Cytology, Morphology and Anatomy

Plant Biodiversity and Environmental Botany

General Chemistry IA

General Chemistry IB

Chemistry I (Practical)

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

The Interpretation of Maps, Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images

Basic Statistics

Animal Diversity I

Animal Diversity II

Second level


Botany I (Practical)

Plant Anatomy, Structure and Function

Systematics of Vascular Plants

Plant Physiology, Water Relations and Plant Nutrition

Botany II (Practical)

Zoology I (Practical)

Comparative Animal Physiology

Cytogenetics and Embryology

Theory of Evolution

Zoology II (Practical)


Third level


Plant Physiology

Aquatic Ecology

Terrestrial Ecology

Botany III (Practical)

Assessing Environmental Impacts


Ethology and Project


Applied Zoology

Zoology III (Practical)