First level


Basic Biology

Animal and Plant Diversity

Plant Biodiversity and Environmental Botany

General Chemistry IA

General Chemistry IB 

Chemistry I (Practical) 

Precalculus Mathematics A

Elementary Mechanics 

Second level


Agricultural Production Economics [Theory and Practice] (Offered From 2018)

Plant Protection (Offered From 2018)

Introductory Biochemistry 

Biology Practical 

Plant Physiology, Water Relations and Plant Nutrition 

Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods ( Offered From 2018)

General Genetics II a (Offered From 2018)

Soil Pedology and Classification II

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition (Offered From 2018)

Introduction to Statistics

Third level


Extension Programme Planning and Evaluation (Offered From 2019)

Biometry (Offered From 2019)

Agricultural Resource Economics (Offered From 2019)

Rural Agricultural Finance (Offered From 2019)

Plant Genetics and Biotechnology [Theory and Practice] (Offered From 2019)

Fruit Production [Theory and Practice] (Offered From 2019)

Field Crop Production [Theory and Practice] (Offered From 2019)

Post Harvest Technology [Theory and Practice] (Offered From 2019)

Vegetable Production [Theory and Practice] (Offered From 2019)

Plant Physiology 

Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

Fourth level


Advanced Plant Physiology (Offered From 2020)

Pomology & Olericulture (Offered From 2020)

Advanced Field Crop Production (Offered From 2020)

Experimental Design and Layout (Offered From 2020)

Research Report (Offered From 2020)