First level


Afrikaans Today (Literature)

Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication

Language Through an African Lens

African Language and Culture in Practice

Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language I

Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language II

Elementary Arabic

Visual Literacy

Introduction to Art History

Basic Biology

Animal and Plant Diversity

Biology Practical

Plant Structure: Cytology, Morphology and Anatomy

Plant Biodiversity and Environmental Botany

Botany I (Practical)

General Chemistry IA

General Chemistry IB

Chemistry I (Practical)

Clothing Construction: Theory

Clothing Construction: Practical

Theoretical Computer Science I

Introduction to Programming I

Introduction to Programming II

Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts

Introduction to Early Christian Literature, Theology, History and Archaeology

Economics IA

Economics IB

Foundations in English Literary Studies

Foundations in English Language Studies

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

Financial Accounting Reporting

Food Preparation I

Food Preparation Practical I

French Language and Culture: Beginners

French Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

Drawing 1

Know Your World: Introduction to Geography

World Issues: a Geographical Perspective

Greek Grammar

Greek Grammar and Reading

An Introduction to Islam

History of Islam

Introduction to Business Information Systems

Visual Programming I

Human-Computer Interaction I

Psychological Processes in Work Context

Customer Service in Tourism

Personality in Work Context

Basic Concepts in Language Analysis: Introduction to Latin Morphology

Introduction to Latin Grammar and Syntax

Rumen Hanyu: Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

Shiyong Hanyu: Practical Mandarin Chinese

Linear Algebra

Precalculus Mathematics A

Precalculus Mathematics B

Calculus A

Calculus B

Business Management IA

Business Management IB

Introduction to Nutrition and Energy Yielding Nutrients

Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiency Diseases

Introduction to Ancient Israelite Literature

Elementary Mechanics

Physics Practical Work I

Mechanics (Physics)

Electromagnetism and Heat (Physics)

Modern Physics

Portuguese Language and Culture: Beginners

Portuguese Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

Basic Psychology

Psychology in Society

Introduction to History of Religions

Introduction to Theory of Religion

Descriptive Statistics and Probability

Statistical Inference I

Animal Diversity I

Animal Diversity II

Zoology I (Practical)

Being a Professional Teacher

Theoretical Frameworks in Education (Educational Foundations 101 (BED))

Child Development

Learning and Teaching Strategies in the Adolescent Years

The Education System and School Management (Educational Themes 303)

Second level


Genre and Theme

Afrikaans Grammar

Communication Dynamics in African Languages

Understanding African Management Practices as Reflected in African Languages Literature and Texts

Literature and Society: a Perspective on African Languages

Intermediate Arabic

Advanced Arabic

Basic Arabic Literary Texts

Plant Anatomy, Structure and Function

Systematics of Vascular Plants

Botany II (Practical)

Inorganic Chemistry II (Theory)

Organic Chemistry II (Theory)

Analytical Chemistry II (Theory)

Inorganic Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 1 Only

Organic Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 2 Only

Analytical Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 1 Only

Textiles: Fibres

Theoretical Computer Science II

Programming: Data Structures

Computer Organisation

Text Interpretation, Theory and Method



South African Economic Indicators

Applied English Language Studies: Further Explorations

Genres in Literature and Language: Theory, Style and Poetics

Colonial and Postcolonial African Literatures

Financial Accounting for Companies

Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures

Food Preparation II

Food Production Principles

French Language and Culture: Intermediate

French for Professional Purposes: Introduction

French Literature: Introduction

The African Challenge: People and Environment

The Geography of Services Provision

The Interpretation of Maps, Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images

People and the Natural Environment: Use and Impact

Food Service Organisation and Management

Meal Management

Hospitality Industry Regulations

Events Management

Themes in the 19th Century History: Power and the Western World

Early State Formation, Slavery and Colonial Conquest in Africa

Transformation in Southern Africa in the 19th Century: Colonisation, Migration, Mining and War

Foundation Sources of Islam

Sociocultural Life, Ethics and Education in Islam

Structured Systems Analysis and Design

Object-Oriented Analysis

Visual Programming II

Organisational Research Methodology

Organisational Psychology

Linear Algebra

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

General Management

The Bible, Creation and Ecology

Life Orientation: Biblical Perspectives

Classical Mechanics

Electricity and Magnetism (Physics)

Physics Practical Work II

Waves (Physics)

Portuguese Language and Culture: Intermediate Level

Modern Portuguese Literature and Society

Personality Theories

Child and Adolescent Development

Adulthood and Maturity

HIV/Aids Care and Counselling

Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design

Research in Social Sciences

New Religious Movements: Cults, New Age and Related Phenomenona

Divinity and Nature in Religious History

Basic Statistics

Applied Statistics II

Distribution Theory II

Forecasting II

Writing Skills for the Communication Industry

Comparative Animal Physiology

Cytogenetics and Embryology

Theory of Evolution

Zoology II (Practical)

Classroom Management (Educational Themes 201 (BED))

The Educator as Assessor

Inclusive Education B (Educational Themes 306)

Computer Integration in the Classroom

Third level


EDA3013 – Guidance, Counselling and Life Skills Education for the Subject Teacher

EDA3046 – Environmental Education

EDA3058 – Education Law and Professional Ethics

EDT303Q – Religious Education

ETH305V – Multicultural Education (Educational Themes 305)

LADACUH – Teaching Arts and Culture (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADEMSJ – Teaching Economic and Management Sciences (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADHSSA – Teaching Social Sciences (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADLANA – Teaching Languages (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADLORD – Teaching Life Orientation (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADMMM6 – Teaching Mathematics (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADNSCC – Teaching Natural Sciences (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADTECX – Teaching Technology (Sp Subject Didactics)

TPR200F – Teaching Practice (Senior Phase Subject Didactics) for BED (Professional Studies 2)

LPAFRT8 – Language Proficiency

LPENGTS – Language Proficiency (English Communication for Education)

Fourth level


SDACT0M – FET Subject Didactics Accounting

SDBEC0S – FET Subject Didactics Business Studies

SDBIOLJ – FET Subject Didactics Life Sciences

SDC4701 – FET Subject Didactics Consumer Studies

SDCAT0P РFET Subject Didactics Computer Applications Technology 

SDCOS04 – FET Subject Didactics Information Technology

SDEC00N – FET Subject Didactics Economics

SDENG3J – FET Subject Didactics English

SDH4701 – FET Subject Didactics Hospitality Studies

SDHISTV – FET Subject Didactics History

SDLANGT – FET Subject Didactics Languages (Home, First and Second Additional Language)

SDMAT04 – FET Subject Didactics Mathematics Education

SDMATLK – FET Subject Didactics Mathematical Literacy

SDPSC08 – FET Subject Didactics Physical Science

SDRELSD – FET Subject Didactics Religion Studies

SDSGC0D – FET Subject Didactics Life Orientation

SDTECSY – FET Subject Didactics Technology Subjects

LPENGPN – Additional Language Endorsement

TPR100C – Teaching Practice (Further Education and Training) for BED (Professional Studies 1)