First level


Clothing Construction: Theory

Clothing Construction: Practical 

Introduction to Applied Sciences

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

Food Preparation I

Food Preparation Practical I

Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour

Introduction to Nutrition and Energy Yielding Nutrients

Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiency Diseases

Second level


Textiles: Fibres

Ethnic and Entrepreneurial Clothing Production: Practical 

History of Costume 

Food Preparation II

Food Preparation Practical II 

Food Production Principles

Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

Essentials of Marketing

Consumer Behaviour 

Nutritional Care 


Third level


Social Psychology of Clothing

Wardrobe Planning 

Evaluation of Apparel 

Textiles: Yarns, Fabric and Finishes 

Tailoring: Practical 

International Cuisine

Food and Beverage Service

Beverage Studies

Food Preparation for the Hospitality Industry (Theory) 

Food Preparation for the Hospitality Industry (Practical)