First level


Economics IA

Economics IB

Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

Financial Accounting Reporting

Business Management IA

Business Management IB

Sustainability and Greed

Accounting Information Systems in a Computer Environment

Commercial Law IA

Descriptive Statistics and Probability

Statistical Inference I

Introduction to Marketing

Quantitative Modelling I

Introductory Financial Mathematics

Introduction to Business Information Systems

Visual Programming I

Psychological Processes in Work Context

Personality in Work Context

The Nature, Content and Scope of Public Administration

The Structuring and Functioning of Public Services

Primary Factors of Tourism

Secondary Factors of Tourism

Basic Statistics

Second level


Financial Accounting for Companies

Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures

Principles of Taxation

Corporate Governance in Accountancy

Internal Auditing: Theory and Principles

Principles of Management Accounting

Principles of Strategy, Risk & Financial Management Techniques



South African Economic Indicators

Labour Economics

South African Financial System

Environmental Economics

Economic History of the World

Economic History of South Africa

General Management

Financial Management

Human Resource Management for Line Managers

Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Essentials of Marketing

Production and Operations Management

Purchasing Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Rational Decision Making

Linear Mathematical Programming

Nonlinear Mathematical Programming

Financial Modelling

Production Modelling

Structured Systems Analysis and Design

Object-Oriented Analysis

Human-Computer Interaction I

Databases I

Applied Statistics II

Distribution Theory II

Forecasting II

Statistical Distributions

Organisational Research Methodology

Organisational Psychology


Psychological Adjustment in the Work Context

Human Capacity Development

Individual Differences and Work Performance

Workgroup Dynamics and Diversity

Foundations of Public Administration

Protection Services

Creation of Wealth

Welfare and Social Services

Culture and Education

Environmental Affairs

Transport for Tourism

Economics of Tourism

Geography of Tourism

Contemporary Management Issues

Consumer Behaviour

Transport Management I

Transport Economics

Transport Theory

Integrated Logistics

Third level


General Financial Reporting

Distinctive Financial Reporting

Specific Financial Reporting

Group Financial Reporting

The Internal Audit Process: Test of Controls

The Internal Audit Process: Specific Engagements and Reporting

Application of Management Accounting Techniques

Application of Financial Management Techniques

Selected Accounting & Financial Management Techniques


Monetary Economics

International Trade

International Finance

Public Economics

History of Economic Thought

Development Economics

Strategic Planning IIIA

Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB

Financial Management

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Global Business Environment

Production and Operations Management

Strategic Sourcing

Optimisation of Resources


Models for Strategic Decision-Making

Financial Risk Modelling

Selected Topics for Operations Research

Mathematical Modelling II

Databases II

Advanced Systems Development

Database Design and Implementation

Software Project Management

Human-Computer Interaction II

Applied Statistics III

Statistical Inference III

Distribution Theory III

Time Series III

Mathematical Techniques in Statistics

Industrial Psychological Testing and Assessment

Personnel Psychology: Organisational Entry

Career Psychology

Personnel Psychology: Employee Retention

Employment Relations

Organisational Development and Change

Psychology of Leadership

Investor Psychology

Public Management Skills

Public Human Resource Management

Public Policy

Organisational Studies in the Public Sector

Public Financial Administration and Management

Reflective Public Administration

Ethics in Public Administration and Administrative Justice

Air Transport

Hospitality Management

Special Interest Tourism

Tourism Distribution

Tourism Governance

Transport Management II

Transport Planning and Investment

Sea Transport

Rail Transport and Pipelines

Road Transport

Logistics Activities

Logistics Systems

Logistics Strategy