First level


Media Studies: Mass Communication and Media Theory

Introduction to Creative Writing: a Practical Course

Multilingualism: the Role of Language in the South African Context

Introduction to Theory of Literature

Introduction to Literary Genres

Afrikaans Today (Literature)

Basic Text Skills (Afrikaans)

Language Through an African Lens

African Language and Culture in Practice

Foundations in English Literary Studies

Foundations in English Language Studies

French Language and Culture: Beginners

French Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

Rumen Hanyu: Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

Shiyong Hanyu: Practical Mandarin Chinese

Portuguese Language and Culture: Beginners

Portuguese Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

Visual Literacy

Greek Mythology in Context



Second level


Advanced Creative Writing: a Practical Course (Theory of Literature 204)

Theory of the Sign in Literature and Culture

Structuralist and Semiotic Theories of Genre

Theories in Context: Ideology and Discourse

Genre and Theme

Afrikaans Grammar

Writing Skills for the Communication Industry

Communication Dynamics in African Languages

Understanding African Management Practices as Reflected in African Languages Literature and Texts

Literature and Society: a Perspective on African Languages

Applied English Language Studies: Further Explorations

Genres in Literature and Language: Theory, Style and Poetics

Colonial and Postcolonial African Literatures

French Language and Culture: Intermediate

French for Professional Purposes: Introduction

French Literature: Introduction

Shenghuo Hanyo: Living Mandarin Chinese

Huoyong Hanyu: Applied Mandarin Chinese

Portuguese Language and Culture: Intermediate Level

Modern Portuguese Literature and Society

Language in a Changing World

Cultural Diversity in Literary Contexts

Film, Literature and Society



Third level


Creative Writing Workshop and Portfolio

Advanced Narrative Theory (Theory of Literature)

Advanced Theory of Drama (Theory of Literature)

Advanced Theory of Poetry (Theory of Literature)

Theory and Practice of South African Literary Studies

Communicative Scenario’s

Comparatism: Intertextual Dialogues

Language Variation and Language Politics

Afrikaans Beyond Boundaries: an Interdisciplinary Perspective

Persuasive Texts

African Languages: the Science of Language in Context

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and African Languages

An Introduction to Language Policy and Planning in South Africa: the Case of African Languages

Language Technology, Terminography and Lexicography

Creative Writing and Translation

The History and Spread of English

The English Language: Context and Purpose

Theoretical Approaches to English Language and Literature

Shakespeare’s Dramatic Art

Modern and Postmodern Literature in English

French Language and Culture: Advanced Oral

French for Professional Purposes: Hotel and Tourism

French Literature: France (Advanced)

French Literature: Francophone Countries (Advanced)

Practical Translation From and Into French

Introduction to Chinese Culture, Customs and Traditions

Zhongguo Chengyu: Chinese Wisdom Tales, Idioms and Proverbs

Gaoji Hanyu: Advanced Mandarin Chinese

Zongguo Wenxuan: Selected Readings of Modern Chinese Literature

Shangyong Zhongwen: Business Chinese (Mandarin Chinese)

Portuguese Language for Specific Purposes: Advanced

Portuguese Translation Practice

Advanced Language Skills in Portuguese (Oral and Written)

Modern Brazilian Literature and Society

Lusophone African Literature