First level


Language Through an African Lens

The Anthropological Study of Culture in a Multicultural Context

Critical Reasoning

Basic Psychology

Psychology in Society

Afrikaans Today (Literature)

Basic Text Skills (Afrikaans)

Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication

Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language I

Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language II

Foundations in English Literary Studies

Foundations in English Language Studies

English for Academic Purposes

Fundamentals of Communication

Communication Contexts and Applications

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

Financial Accounting Principles for Law Practitioners

Introduction to Business Information Systems

Psychological Processes in Work Context

Personality in Work Context

Business Management IA

Business Management IB

The Nature, Content and Scope of Public Administration

The Structuring and Functioning of Public Services

Law of Persons

Community, Society and Inequality in a Globalised World: Introduction to Sociology

Understanding South Africa: Families, Education, Identities and Inequality

Second level


Marriage Guidance and Counselling

Personality Theories

Adulthood and Maturity

Community Psychology: Re-Imagining Community

Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design

Research in Social Sciences

Organisational Communication

Integrated Organisational Communication

Intercultural, Development and Health Communication

Media Studies: Mass Communication and Media Theory

Human Resource Management for Line Managers

Organisational Research Methodology

Organisational Psychology

Psychological Adjustment in the Work Context

Individual Labour Law

Collective Labour Law

Foundations of Public Administration

Protection Services

Welfare and Social Services

Culture and Education

Environmental Affairs

HIV/Aids Care and Counselling

Sociology of Families and Social Problems

Third level


Social Psychology

Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health

Cognition: Thinking, Memory and Problem Solving

Psychological Research

Transformative Counselling Encounters

Community Psychology: Intervention Strategies

Marketing Communication

Media Studies: Institutions, Theories and Issues

Media Studies: Content, Audiences and Production

New Media Technology

Industrial Psychological Testing and Assessment

Personnel Psychology: Organisational Entry

Career Psychology

Employment Relations

Public Management Skills

Public Human Resource Management

Public Policy

Organisational Studies in the Public Sector

Public Financial Administration and Management

Ethics in Public Administration and Administrative Justice

Industrial Sociology

Group Dynamics